Philosophy of Time

by A Year in New York

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released February 18, 2015

Mick Maslowski // Zoinga Recording
Alyssa Shirkey // Artwork



all rights reserved


A Year in New York Detroit, Michigan

Romantic alternative 3 piece group with indie influences.

Brittany Christofel // Vocals & Bass
Michael Miller // Guitar & Keys
Zach Snead // Drums


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Track Name: One 2-Way Mirror
From the hands
That condemn me
To plead guilty

From the space
That prevents me
To breathe easy.

**It's so easy to hate
People with whom you relate
Consumes you, consumes me

Broken away,
I don't want to hear what you have to say,
It's your fault and your crime
But I'm stuck with it, it's mine.**

Play your game
Twist my words
Bury shame

Close your eyes
face away
Fingers point
There they stay.


Tell the world
Not yours to tell
to free yourself
The lies you yell

Leaning against the alleged brick wall
No leg to stand on you'll surely fall.

Track Name: Brighter
My stampede of emotions,
Won’t heed to your notions
I don’t and I won’t need your help.
I can’t use your words to define myself.
You hypnotized me I don’t know how the trance went.
You were never there for me, you were transparent.

**So I can realize that I’m not so big in this little town.
Not the center of attention, not what the world surrounds.

I spend each moment lost in my mind.
Searching for answers too hard to find.**

Walking at night with a broken white lighter,
Wishing to shoot out the streetlights so the stars will shine brighter.

Track Name: Chaos Theory
On pencil scratched lines
I search through my childhood mind
[I’m chaos]
Reality breaks, the room starts to shake.

My life plays in front of me
I see what I couldn't see.
[I’m chaos]
If I fix these mistakes, when I awake.

If time is not linear
I have one more chance
If time is not linear
I can still save her.

Flutter of just one wing
If I change just one thing
All will be effected
Though not how I expected.

If time is not, it’s not, it’s not linear
I have one more chance.
I can, I can still save you.

If time is not linear
I have one more change
If time is not linear
I can still save her.